Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor



  • Master of Arts in Psychology from Houston Baptist University
  • Master of Science degree in Counseling/Education from Southern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from California State University


  • Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. Certified to supervise LPC interns.
  • CRM. Comprehensive Resource Model.
  • EMDR Provider. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
  • Specialty in Financial and Work Disorders. Trained by International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals for such things as workaholics, financial issues due to inherited wealth, and money obsessions.
  • Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, formally trained by Patrick Carnes through IITAP.
  • Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist trained through IITAP
  • Marriage. Prepare-Enrich Counselor by Life Innovations, Inc. For premarital counseling and marriage counseling. In addition, training from the Gottman Institute for Marriage Counseling.
  • Certified Therapeutic Weight Management Specialist
  • NCC: National Certified Counselor
  • Certified Teacher of Multiple Subjects, and Certified Single Subject-English
  • Certified School Counselor


Private Practices in various locations:
Julie has a private practice in San Antonio in the beautiful area of Boerne Stage Road (24123 Boerne Stage Rd., Ste #430 | San Antonio, TX 78255) (  She has practiced full time at Wings of Hope in Houston, TX; Colorado Springs and  Denver, CO; Abilene, TX, and though she is currently practicing in San Antonio, TX she has many clients who fly in from all over to San Antonio for 2-8 day intensives for couples or individuals.

Leader in Sexual Brokenness Ministries

Julie helped introduce a large Houston church (over 30, 000 members) to the first sexual brokenness ministry facilitating groups for sexual addiction and spouses of sex addicts.

Premarital Counseling
Julie has spoken to engaged and newlywed groups and has several years of experience as a certified as a Prepare Enrich counselor.

Julie on TV and DVD
Many pregnancy centers in the United States feature a video for their clients where Julie and a Gynecologist are being interviewed by a Houston newscaster. The newscaster interviews the Gynecologist on the medical effects of abortion and interviews Julie on the psychological effects of abortion. Julie is also featured on international television in a Focus on the Family spot on Post Abortion Syndrome. In addition, she has been involved with LifeHouse Ministries, A Christ-Centered sanctuary for those touched by an unplanned pregnancy. She has had groups in her private practice for clients who suffer from the shame and negative relational effects (usually unknowingly) of having had an abortion in their past. She loves watching the “aha moments” as each participant starts to understand for the first time the events that followed that decision. Julie states that it is a great privilege to witness God’s healing of the bondage of their past and observe the outcome of freedom. She never ceases to be amazed at God’s true miracles in each participant of the group. Julie states, “God hosts the show, invites me in, and I get to watch a beautiful picture of redemption unfold right before my very eyes.”

Focus on the Family
Julie was featured in the Focus on the Family magazine below with James Dobson in the section “FROM THE EXPERTS”:
Focus on the Family - Wings of Hope Counseling

Click on “FROM THE EXPERTS” to read the article.

Radio Co-host and on iTunes
Julie has co-hosted a Colorado Springs radio show with topics on sexual brokenness and the Christian community. You can find her testimony on podcast via iTunes® (iTunes software is required).

Prison Psychiatric Facility
Julie started out with a practicum working at the Texas Prison Psychiatric Facility where she did individual counseling and group counseling for sex offenders. She believes this has greatly enhanced her current private practice work with sexual addiction clients, as she has seen the heartbreaking end result of this addiction going untreated. Seeing the devastation of this population in prison increased her zeal to see healing in those entrapped by an addiction where they can literally lose everything they have, including their freedom.

Other Past Experience
As people get to know Julie on a personal level and little by little hear of her stories, many ask her if there is anything she has not done. Julie’s experiences, career and non-career, have all helped her in connecting with clients from all walks. From growing up a PK (preacher’s kid) to living overseas, flying, scuba diving, teaching Precepts bible studies, working as a pharmaceutical sales rep, school teacher, school counselor, teaching college, skiing, tennis, golf, piano, working herself through college as a hairstylist… God has not wasted one thing.

Julie states:
“Amongst all those times, the good and the bad, God knew the purpose of the tapestry He was weaving in my life. The most significant times in all of these, however, have been those times of brokenness. For had that alabaster box remained unbroken, the inward Holy Spirit could never have come forth (Mark 14:3 talks of the alabaster vial of perfume). Although brokenness is a path sprinkled with blood from our wounds, it is the way of blessing, fragrance, and fruitfulness. I have learned that every bit of it has been filtered through the hands of a loving heavenly Father.”