Julie Dozier offers intensive outpatient therapy to married couples desiring to resolve core issues affecting interpersonal relationships. Intensives are usually indicated for marriages in crisis with such things as infidelity, sexual addiction, or intimacy problems. However, many couples have chosen to do an intensive merely to enrich their marriage.

therapy for sex addicts

In addition, intensives are indicated for individuals who are either in crisis or just prefer the ability to focus their time in one larger block of a few days than several months of weekly meetings. Some clients say they prefer the intensive format to the usual 50 minute session a week format, because many times they feel the need to hold back emotionally so they can more easily transition back to work or other things on their schedule. With an intensive, they can put all their emotional energy to a few days and allow themselves to feel and process more freely.

An intensive is concentrated therapy running from 2-7 days. The length of the intensive is determined by Julie after a phone assessment. Intensives include three to four hours of time with your therapist each day. There will be outside work assigned when not directly with your therapist.

Couples or individuals may choose to schedule an intensive in Abilene, TX. Julie has also flown to the clients’ city to do intensives. In the client’s own city will be higher fees because of transportation costs. Some however, choose this because of children, breast-feeding, or other complications in which they feel they cannot leave home for a few days. Depending on the location, the fees will vary. You may fill out the contact form on this site for more information on fees.


Many times couples have been reimbursed by their insurance companies for intensives.