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America’s Not-So-Dirty Secret: The Sexless Marriage

As a CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) I see more and more married couples coming to Wings of Hope Counseling who say they rarely have sex.  For some it’s been years, for others, they have never even consummated the marriage months and even years into the marriage.  Check out what Robert Weiss, CSAT-S says about… read more

Addictions in Sex, Love and Food

At Wings of Hope we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual addiction and are licensed and certified therapists in Colorado and Texas. We offer a wide range of counseling services to our patients.  We continually do research to help our patients and found the following article insightful. In this 2012 article entitled, “Sex,… read more

PTSD genes identified by UCLA study

At Wings of Hope we continue to stretch our knowledge of known disorders to provide the best in counseling opportunities for a wide range of  problems including sex, food, and other addictions. We follow many new findings in the industry and found this article share worthy. Please leave your comments on these findings. Findings could… read more

Embrace the Emotions through Counseling

Do you struggle with perfectionism?  Is it hard for you to be vulnerable?  You are not alone.  What keeps us out of connection is the fear we’re not worthy of connection.  Those who live wholeheartedly embrace vulnerability and have a healthy sense of worth.  It doesn’t mean they’re comfortable with vulnerability, but they realize it’s… read more